Avv. Sergio Pinelli

Sergio Pinelli was born in Genoa on 8.1.1979.

He graduated from F. Delpino Classical Lyceum in Chiavari (GE) in 1998, and took his law degree from Genoa University in 2002 with honours and recommendation of publication, presenting a thesis on international private and procedural law entitled Private autonomy and imperative regulations in international private law governing contracts.

He was authorised to practice the profession of law and registered in the Register of Lawyers of Genoa in 2007.

He has worked with Studio Legale Ghibellini since 2003, becoming a partner in 2013, primarily concerned with corporate law, corporate contract law and food law.

He attended the IPSOA master’s programme specialising in corporate contracts in 2008, a brief Altalex master’s programme in food law and wine legislation in 2010 and a specialisation programme in corporate law at Milan University in 2013.
He has lectured in conventions and seminars on the topic of trust credit lines.

He speaks English.

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