Avv. Simona Capurro

Simona Capurro was born in Genoa on 30.7.1976.

She graduated from A. D’Oria Classical Lyceum in Genoa and took her law degree at the end of 2000 at Genoa University, with a thesis on labour law regarding labour intermediation in Italy and the EU.

She began working with Studio Ghibellini in the summer of 2001, concerned primarily with labour law, social security law, civil law and commercial law.
Authorised to practice the profession in the Court of Appeal of Genoa.

Registered in the Register of Lawyers of Genoa since 9 December 2004.
In her work with Studio Ghibellini she has specialised in labour law issues pertaining to salaried employment and semi-subordinate employment, acquiring in-depth knowledge of agency relationships, executive employment and employment relationships of public sector employees. She is also concerned with social security law (obligatory and supplementary contributions, civil and ordinary invalidity, investigations conducted by organisations and institutions).

She became a partner in Studio Ghibellini in 2013.

She speaks English.

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